Goju Ryu Karate Timeline:

    1392     Thirty-six families from China immigrate to Kume village Naha, Okinawa. Chinese Boxing is practiced.

    1477      The three kingdoms of Okinawa are unified, and the ruler King Shosh bans the use of weapons all of Okinawa.             Development of unarmed combat increases.

    1881      Higaonna Kanryō returned from China, where he studied under Master Ryu Ryu Ko, and founded Naha-te, the precursor to karate.

    1916      Grand Master Higaonna Kanryo dies with student Chogun Miyagi at his side.

    1930      Master Chogun Miyagi names the Gojyu Ryu style.

    1933     Master Chogun Miyagi’s Gojyu-Ryu was accepted as part of Japan’s martial arts in the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

    1952     Sensei Meitoku Yagi becomes the only student of Master Chojun Miyagi to be given permission to open a dojo.

    1953     On October 8th, Grand Master Chojun Miyagi passes away.

    1963     The family of Grand Master Chojun Miyagi officially appoints Sensei Meitoku Yagi as successor of Okinawan Gojyu-Ryu. Dai Sensei is given Master Miyagi’s Gi and Obi.

    2003      On Febuary 7th Master Meitoku Yagi passes away. Dai Sensei’s eldest son, Meitatsu Yagi, assumes leadership of the International Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-do Association and his second son, Meitetsu Yagi, becomes the head of the Hombu Dojo in Okinawa and its international affiliates.