London Karate Club

Adult / Youth Karate & Weapons


London Karate Club's Adult and Youth (8-16) programs are the purist expression of what we do and are based on the teachings of Goju Ryu's founders and masters, passed down through the centuries.

Classes offer intensive instruction on the fundamentals of karate, including kata, kumite (sparring) and self-defense techniques. Students will also learn about the history, culture and values that surround karate.

Students can expect to enjoy better health, greater self-confidence, less
stress, and an awesome group of new friends.

Our ultimate goal is to produce highly skilled martial artists who respect themselves, fellow members, their families and our broader community. 


Weapons, or Kobudo, training complements our traditional study of karate. All adult and youth students may undertake weapons training, which includes exercises and katas using the following weapons:

• Bo

• Sai

• Tonfa

• Shinai

• Kama

Students are expected to perform weapon-based katas as a prerequisite for graduation to senior kyu belts.